The Heart-filled Hope support group is dedicated to cancer-stricken teenagers and their siblings aged 12-18.

This Leucan service aims to break out of the isolation often brought on by childhood cancer by sharing happy moments and supporting one another. 

Teens are invited to take part in outdoors week-ends in the fall and winter as well as theme nights throughout the year. These activities are an opportunity to unite as peers and have fun,  despite the presence of cancer in their lives.

During these outings and events, the group is supervised by qualified monitors and a medical staff well versed in the daily reality of cancer. 

How to access this service? 

Activities hosted by the Heart-filled Hope support group are free of charge. As soon as a child member or one of their siblings turn twelve, they can starts receiving invitations via email or newsletter.

For any questions about the Heart-filled Hope support group, please contact Marie-Josée Simard, Welcome and Family Services Agent and Coordinator of the Heart-filled Hope support group.

Contact Marie-Josée