Buy for Leucan

Many generous partners of the Association create articles and sell them to benefit Leucan, or promote products whose proceeds or part of them go to Leucan.

Come back to this page often to see what deals are underway!

Mia’s Earrings of Hope

In 2015, Mia created an exclusive pair of earrings: the Earrings of Hope. All profits from the sale of these earrings go to Leucan.

The piece of jewelry was created first and foremost for participants of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, to affirm their femininity and pride in having undertaken such a gesture of solidarity for the cause. The earrings are also available for everyone across Quebec who wish to support cancer-stricken children.

Where to find them

The earrings are available in limited quantities on Mia’s website at, in Mia boutiques as well as in Leucan offices.

See the website

Grand Pré UHT 2% Milk and Chokéo chocolate milk

Over the next year, I-Nov Concept will make a donation to Leucan for each Grand Pré UHT 2% container sold, and each Chokéo chocolate milk pack of three 200 ml containers. What a treat!

Where to find some

The campaign is already underway in the majority of Quebec’s food retailers. The beverages can be found with the dairy products, but also on the shelves: thanks to their UHT (ultra-high temperature) treatment, they can be kept at room temperature for up to 9 months.