Activities organized by the Heart-filled Hope support group

Coeur-desporAt a glance:

    • Founded in 1988 by young patient Samy Atallah and his friend, Isabelle Pérusse
  • Intended for cancer-stricken teenagers aged 12-18 and their siblings, as well as for bereaved siblings
  • Objective: Deliver regional and interregional activities where teenagers can meet between friends and talk about their lives

The Heart-filled Hope support group holds several events ever year: a winter camp, a Halloween party, picnics, etc.

Events are supervised by instructors and a nursing staff aware of the participants’ reality and equipped to help and listen.


“Every moment spent with the group fostered a fantastic complicity between my little sister and me. Moreover, thanks to the group’s activities, I came out of the experience with a new outlook on life, hope and courage.”
Anne-Sophie, sister (Free translation)

“Heart-filled Hope helped me to no longer fear differences. Physical differences and handicaps do not hinder me from talking to another individual. On the contrary, they encourage me to reach out to others, as their differences often isolate them.”
Cassandra, sister (Free translation)

“Every time I take part in the group’s activities, I feel as though a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders.”
David, brother (Free translation)

“In my opinion, Heart-filled Hope is like a chain of mutual aid.”
Émily, sister (Free translation)

“…good instructors who allow us a great degree of freedom, which I really appreciate, and a place to share our feelings and emotions.”
Marc-André, cancer-stricken (Free translation)

“Without Heart-filled Hope and Leucan, I would not be the person I am today: a go-getter who enjoys life and lives for the moment despite the barriers of illness.”
Marie-Josée, cancer-stricken (Free translation)

“Heart-filled Hope gave me the strength to keep on fighting when I was going through difficult times.”
Mathieu, cancer-stricken (Free translation)

“I learned to put my trust in adults; to open up and talk about what I am going through.”
Maude, sister (Free translation)

“Leucan made me realize that, despite the hardships, life can be fun and is worth living to the max, and that the people around us are there to help us and bring us comfort at all times.”
Nancy, cancer-stricken (Free translation)

“My brother died at the young age of 15, and shortly after, my parents separated. It’s hard to go through all that without the support of others, which is exactly what Heart-filled Hope brings to me.”
Sébastien, brother (Free translation)

“We confide in each other without fear of judgements. You, the members of the group, do not see us as sick persons but as human beings. Happiness, hope, friendship and trust are only part of the huge joys you bring into our lives.”
Véronique, cancer-stricken (Free translation)

More testimonials are available in the collection of stories, Heart-filled Hope Stories*

*Published by the group in 2006, this collection of stories is distributed to newly diagnosed teenagers and their siblings upon Leucan’s first meeting with the family.

To join this group or for any question, please contact the socio-recreational service manager : 514 731-3696 (toll-free : 1 800 361-9643) or