Emotional Assistance and Support

Leucan is like an extended family bringing an amazing support. They cheer up families or lend an attentive ear when we go through a particularly difficult time.Audrey Cadrin, mother of Miriam

Emotional assistance and support services are delivered to children and their families, both at home and at the hospital, through every stage of the disease. Specialized teams with different backgrounds and trainings are at work at the pediatric oncology centres as well as the regional offices to offer adapted and local services to families.

In an effort to provide personalized support to its members, Leucan is available to them to promote a better adaptation to the disease. Through active listening, Leucan’s teams give parents the feeling of being heard, comforted and safer in front of the unknown, the unforeseen impact and the stress brought on by the disease.

Many of those services are available directly in the pediatric oncology centres and will vary from one centre to the next:

CHU Sainte-Justine

Once or twice a week, for periods of three to four hours, a team of carefully selected, trained and supervised volunteers provide moments of respite to parents with a hospitalized child.

Leucan plans dinners where member parents can talk and share among themselves.

Jointly with the Saint-Justie UHC, Leucan organizes an exclusive meeting where parents can learn more about the resources available from both Leucan and the Sainte-Justine UHC. Different topics are also addressed, depending on the needs expressed by parents. Parents’ testimonials are also put at the forefront as they are a great source of support for other parents.

Centre mère-enfant Soleil du CHUQ

Leucan organizes a breakfast for families with a hospitalized child where they can meet and talk among themselves. The breakfast is held on alternate Thursdays.

Periods of respite are provided to families with a hospitalized child by a team of carefully selected, trained and supervised volunteers.

Wig Service

For more information on the wig service offered by Leucan, please contact your regional office

Leucan Information Centre

For tips and advices on treatments, diet, family life, activities and social circle, please visit the Leucan Information Centre’s website.

For more information, contact us at at 514 731-3696 (toll-free 1 800 361-9643) or at info@leucan.qc.ca.

Welcome Service at the Hospital

Socio-recreational activities

Hosting and Support Services in Playrooms

Massage Therapy

Awareness and assistance in school

End-of-Life and Bereavement Follow-up

Follow-up program for cured patients