Thanks to your donations, the survival rate has jumped from 15 to 82%. In addition to funding clinical research, your donations help Leucan to support and care for hundreds of families and thousands of members through every stage of cancer.

I thank the wonderful team of Leucan: they always know just what we need. They know what we need nearly on a daily basis; they even anticipate our needs before we become aware of them.Fadila, mom of Sarah, diagnosed with a spinal tumour

Services tailored

to the needs of families

Leucan provides families with distinctive services, tailored to the needs of hundreds of families of cancer-stricken children: emotional support; socio-recreational activities; playrooms in hospitals; massage therapy; a school awareness program; support services for recovered patients; and end-of-life and bereavement follow-up services.

For Willem, the pains were atrocious. We had a massage therapist coming at home and his services were extremely important. Medication was not effective for his pain, but massages were. Caroline, mom of Willem, diagnosed with a brain tumour


to research

Clinical research is critical to the constant improvement of treatments. Over the last 20 years, Leucan invested more than $10 million for research in pediatric oncology, making the Association the main funder of this type of research.

Please give. Because Charlie will recover, but there’s still a 20% to garner. Annie, mom of Charlie, diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Financial assistance

to families

The costs incurred because of cancer are great: accommodations during hospital stays for families from remote regions, gas, meals, and even loss of employment for one parent. Pediatric cancer leads to precarious or extremely precarious financial situations for half of the affected families.*

To alleviate this financial burden, Leucan provides families with an automatic grant so that they can focus on what matters most: their child.

Thank you for making a difference for the children!
Direct services
to families
Financial assistance
to families

In 2015-16, $760,817 was awarded directly to families of cancer-stricken children.

It’s an unparalleled level of stress. Caroline, mom of Willem, diagnosed with a brain tumour

*Source: 2016 Survey of member families of Leucan

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