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Les 40 G\u00e9ants<\/h4>\r\n\t

Pierre-Luc Richard,<\/h2>\r\n\t

Principal Geologist, BBA inc.<\/h3>\t

As a survivor of teen cancer who will soon turn 40, obviously, this campaign speaks to me on a profound level.<\/p>\r\n

I commend the initiative to gear this campaign towards research, but also the sequelae faced by survivors. I was fortunate enough to suffer no sequelae, to continue my education, and to pursue a continuously rewarding career. Being aware that this is not the reality of all of those who travelled the same road, it\u2019s a huge honour for me to contribute to this campaign. I fully realise how incredibly lucky I am to be in a position to be able to give back.<\/p>\r\n

I\u2019m someone who likes to put things into perspective, and this action is no exception. This monetary sacrifice is nothing compared to the courage of parents, grandparents, sisters, and brothers who are there to support their son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, brother or sister through their treatments, but also in turning the corner once cancer is vanquished.<\/p>\r\n

To paraphrase this classic line from author Antoine de Saint-Exup\u00e9ry, \u201cAll grown-ups were once children\u2026 but only few of them remember it,\u201d I would add that some of those grown-ups were once sick<\/em> children\u2026 and they all remember it. This donation is a way for me to remember, to express my appreciation for Leucan, to thank all the Leucan\u2019s representatives who have crossed my path, and to tell the 2,000 volunteers working with the Association that you truly make a difference.<\/p>\r\n

I also want to express how proud I am that when the senior management of BBA, my employer, heard about my decision, the company spontaneously decided to follow my lead by making an additional donation and hosting a fundraiser among their employees. Those amounts will be in addition to the $40,000 I committed to this initiative. Thanks to the team of BBA for their support.<\/p><\/p>\r\n<\/div> <\/div>\r\n <\/div>\r\n<\/div>"}