The Defenders

Mathieu Déziel

Employee since 2016

“I hold the position of regional coordinator. I’m responsible for the philanthropic development for Leucan’s regional office in Laurentides-Lanaudière.”

“One of the sentences I hear the most from parents of cancer-stricken children is, ‘Leucan is like a second family to us.’ By definition, a family is a group of ‘individuals sharing common characteristics.’ As we all know, a family stands together and helps each other. Members of a family are there for one another. At Leucan, our family is made up of sick children; their siblings and parents; the employees and volunteers of the Association; the medical teams; our donors; and many individuals with that common characteristic, that shared mission of helping cancer-stricken children and their families. United in their own way, they are there for Leucan. For me, being UNITED TO SUPPORT Leucan means making that family story possible.”

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