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February 09, 2018

Volunteer since 2008 and employee since 2014

“I was first recruited as a volunteer counsellor for the Heart-filled Hope support group that hosts activities for Leucan teens aged 12-18, such as camp weekends or daytrips to the Montreal Old Port. Over those six years, I became “Ballon” every summer. That’s the nickname I gave myself and still use when I volunteer for the Leucan-CSN Summer Camp: a camp dedicated to families of cancer-stricken children. In 2014, I was hired to oversee family activities at Leucan’s head office.

“UNITED TO SUPPORT Leucan is having family as part of your core. In itself, Leucan is a family. I am of those people who believe that family goes beyond blood ties. A family can also be a rugby team, a choir who’s been singing together for two years, or even a group of friends. These are only a few examples of families just as real as the Gomezes or the Tremblays. Why? Because a family supports its members—in good times, but especially, in bad times. In times when being alone is the worst option of all. That’s where the idea of being “united” takes its full meaning. A group’s unity depends on the support of many. Leucan provides an invaluable support to families confronted with perhaps the biggest ordeal of their lives.”

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