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February 09, 2018

Volunteer since September 2003

“I’m a volunteer in a Leucan support group called Heart-filled Hope, as a counsellor for teenagers aged 12-18. The group’s main purpose is to help members forget about their illness for a time while they take part in group activities. And since a cancer diagnosis doesn’t just affect the patient, the group is also open to siblings of cancer-stricken teens, including those who lost their sibling to cancer. Unintentionally, cancer leads children to isolate themselves, fearing the judgement of others. Believe it or not, to this day, some people still think that cancer is contagious! My role is to welcome the new kids to ensure a smooth integration, so they realise they are not alone experiencing this nightmare. They feel free to express themselves among their new buddies. The counsellors’ job is to support and guide them and instill a sense of fun into their long battle.”

“For me, UNITED TO SUPPORT Leucan means supporting Leucan through all means necessary, i.e. raising money to help children and families and to fund research. Leucan is a major complementary resource at the hospital: the team of Leucan becomes a second family, there to take care of patients and their loved ones. So we must raise awareness about the cause, because together, we can finally put an end to this disease.”

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