The 2023 Leucan Experience is presented by Olymel.

The event will take place on November 15, 2023 at the Grand Quay of the Port of Montreal.

The Leucan Experience is the main corporate fundraising event of the Association. This year, unleash your inner genius.

Get out of your magic lamp and make wishes come true for children with cancer and their families.

From the desert to the palace, through the oasis and the souk, live an experience rich in emotions and make the magic happen!

Contribute to The Leucan Experience

Attend the evening

To attend The Leucan Experience, please purchase individual tickets or, better yet, a full table for eight guests. Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary evening while supporting cancer-stricken children.

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Make a donation

If you cannot make it to The Leucan Experience, you could contribute to its success through a donation. Your contribution is precious and we would like to thank you for your help towards cancer-stricken children and their families.


Become a partner

We offer several sponsorship options for Leucan’s annual benefit evening. The options are detailed below. Each option provides exposure features, in addition to your attendance at the event. Associate your brand with The Leucan Experience.

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Honorary Chairman of the Leucan Experience

As a father of three young women, the health of my children is the most important thing to me. I wanted to get involved with Leucan and offer my support to this cause that is dear to me. I realize how lucky I am to have three healthy children. I wanted to contribute in any way I could because it is together that we will succeed in fighting the disease and improving treatments.Yanick Gervais, honorary chairman of The Leucan Experience

Thank you to the presenter of the Leucan Experience