The 2022 Leucan Experience is co-presented by Telus Santé and GroupAssur.

The event will take place on November 10, 2022 at the Grand Quay of the Port of Montreal.

The Leucan Experience is the main corporate fundraising event of the Association. This year, get ready to dive into the Leucan Experience.

Be carried away to enjoy an evening of culinary delights in a nautical ambiance.

Great entertainment and unique experiences await during this unforgettable evening on the quay of the St. Lawrence River.

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To attend The Leucan Experience, please purchase individual tickets or, better yet, a full table for ten guests. Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary evening while supporting cancer-stricken children.

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If you cannot make it to The Leucan Experience, you could contribute to its success through a donation. Your contribution is precious and we would like to thank you for your help towards cancer-stricken children and their families.


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We offer several sponsorship options for Leucan’s annual benefit evening. The options are detailed below. Each option provides exposure features, in addition to your attendance at the event. Associate your brand with The Leucan Experience.

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Honorary Chairman of the Leucan Experience

My wife Miruna and I are the proud parents of three beautiful and healthy children. A few years ago, cancer struck my niece Catherine, a real shock wave for the whole family. Seven years old, so innocent and full of life but suddenly doomed. After months of uncertainty about the future, medical progress got the better of this pernicious intruder, not without efforts and sacrifices from Cathou, her parents, her grandparents and her brothers. That was six years ago.

Today, things are going well, very well. The battle is never totally won, but the future is bright for this soon-to-be teenager who will certainly give her parents a run for their money. With this uncertainty comes a great feeling of helplessness; I am not a doctor, so moral support is all I could offer. Fortunately, thanks to Leucan, there are many resources available that have helped my niece and her family when it counted. For these resources to remain and progress, funding is needed. You don’t have to be a doctor to help and that’s why I accepted to be the honorary chairman of the event.

For the past few years Miruna and I have solicited our network many times for the cause, whether it be skiing, kayaking, go-karting or just having a cocktail. We believe that it is important for the business community to give generously and not wait until it affects us to get involved. Thank you for your support to The 2022 Leucan Experience.

Jean-François Raymond, Honorary Chairman of The Leucan Experience
President and Chief Executive Officer of GroupAssur

Thank you to the co-presenters of the Leucan Experience