Fundraising activity

The Leucan Journey

Embark on an exciting journey in solidarity with cancer-stricken children and their families!

The Leucan Journey, powered by Voiles en Voiles is a thrilling, challenging and slightly competitive event catered for individuals willing to push their limits while contributing to the recovery and the well-being of cancer stricken children and their families. Each team, composed of four members, is expected to raise $2,500 in donations in order to participate - a wonderful challenge to take on!

On October 3rd, 2020 the teams will participate in an obstacle course with Voiles en Voiles as the starting point. The first clue will lead them on an exciting, instructive and fun adventure in the Old Port of Montreal. They must use each clue to determine the location of the next clue while completing various related to the difficulties and obstacles children with cancer and their families must face, up until the finish line!

What to expect:

  • Exciting obstacles that are equally physically, mentally, strategically and geographically challenging.
  • The possibility to experience and empathize with the ups and downs and difficult challenges children and their families affected by cancer must face.