Fundraising activity

Défi HUMA Leucan

Défi HUMA Leucan is a fundraising adventure trip for people who want to push back their limits while raising funds for cancer-stricken children and their families.

Group 1: From March 30 to April 11, 2019 : FULL

Group 2: From April 6 to 18, 2019 : 1 place left!

Challenge’s duration: 13 days 

In 2019, the paths of Santiago de Compostela opens their doors to you! (Information in french only on the webstie)

Every participant is responsible for his/her travel expenses (which can be sponsored) and must raise a minimum of $3,000 in donations for Leucan.

Knowing very well what kind of assistance Leucan gives to families, I can tell you they make a world of difference! I am asking for your help, a small donation in honour of my little Jordan who is waging a battle worthy of a superhero! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for forming a human chain of kindness to make a difference!Amélie, Jordan’s mom and participant in Défi HUMA Leucan