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Our volunteers<\/h4>\r\n\t

Suzanne Langlois<\/h2>\r\n\t\t

\u201cMy spouse has a niece who had a little girl, Marie-\u00c8ve, who was diagnosed with cancer at age 2.\u00a0 She passed away at age 3.\u00a0 I would sometimes accompany her mother to Sainte-Justine for her treatments and it was quite shocking for me to realize that so many children were stricken by cancer.\u00a0 I could not have imagined that.\u00a0 When Marie-\u00c8ve lost all of her hair, I began making her little hats.\u00a0 I made her many of them, in many different colors.\u00a0 After that, I said to myself that it would be a good idea to make hats for others\u2026 I am sure that the mothers stuck in the hospital with their child don\u2019t have the time to make bonnets.\u00a0<\/p>

I do a lot of knitting for the children of Leucan, as well as mittens, tuques and scarves, because as you know, children are always losing their tuques!\u201d<\/p>


Why volunteer for Leucan?<\/strong><\/h2>

\u201cI find that it\u2019s important to share.\u00a0 When we\u2019re lucky enough to be healthy, we must think of those who are not healthy\u2026 And I tell myself that especially for children and teenagers, sometimes just a small gift, a day when someone gives them a little hat\u2026 I feel like it might help boost their moral, it just might appease their sadness.<\/p>

To me, bringing joy and happiness reassures me.\u00a0 It brings me much happiness in return.<\/p>

It\u2019s the best lottery ever, there\u2019s no way you can lose.\u201d<\/p><\/p>\r\n<\/div> <\/div>\r\n <\/div>\r\n<\/div>"}