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Our volunteers<\/h4>\r\n\t

Guillaume Pomerleau and Natacha Lavoie<\/h2>\r\n\t\t

G\u00a0: For me, it started in 1997. I was in high school and through a program at school, we had to choose an organization where we would volunteer. I chose Leucan. After high school, I loved my experience so much I decided to keep going. I would sometimes do it with my friends, sometimes with my dad, I thought it was a great organization that worked well. I loved it. I have never stopped since.<\/p>\r\n

N: For me, it started when I met Guillaume who was volunteering at Leucan. I had heard of Leucan before, but I did not know them well. We started going out and I would see him leave to go volunteer for a day. So I told myself I would go as well, to see what it was. And that\u2019s how we started volunteering together.<\/p>\r\n


G: Volunteering as a couple takes us out of our routine and it makes us meet new people. I find it helps us bond. During the day, we meet new people, we make new friends, we solve problems and we have fun working in collaboration with everyone.<\/p>\r\n

What I like about volunteering, is doing the same activities over time and seeing the project managers relieved when they see us, because they know that this volunteer is good with this activity and he can coach the new volunteers, and that volunteer works in that department and knows the usual problems that could happen. They are so relieved when we arrive. It is very flattering. We really make their day when we get there at 7:00 a.m. in the morning.<\/p>\r\n

N: In order for the activities of Leucan to be a success, volunteers are essential. Each volunteer has its importance. At the end of the day, we see what we have accomplished, often small actions, but we feel we made a difference. It\u2019s really a beautiful organization. And the cause is so worth it.<\/p><\/p>\r\n<\/div> <\/div>\r\n <\/div>\r\n<\/div>"}