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Our volunteers<\/h4>\r\n\t

Denise Robert<\/h2>\r\n\t\t

\"When I retired, I was 63 years old. I couldn\u2019t stop just like that, I had to do something. So I quit working and I signed up to Leucan, I did the short training they offer and I started. I didn\u2019t just do the babysitting, at first, I worked in the office near Sainte-Justine Hospital. I did office work for a year and a half, but then I didn\u2019t want to do it anymore; I had worked in an office my entire life. I said, \u201cI want to be with the children\u201d. I started in the playroom, in the outpatient clinic, and then after that, I said \u201cI want to be in the room with them\u201d. I really loved these years. That is how I progressed with Leucan. It\u2019s an accomplishment. We are happy to do it and at the same time, we feel useful. And that\u2019s a lot.\"<\/p>\r\n

Why volunteer at Leucan?<\/strong><\/h2>\r\n

\"There is a selfish aspect to it, I find, because we are satisfied with ourselves. The satisfaction goes both ways. We are happy to help people, parents, children who are sick, we develop an attachment. And it\u2019s satisfying. When I spend a good 3 hours with children, I take my car and say to myself, \u201cI did something good\u201d. I felt good I did it. And we really help the parents with the respite we give them. They are so grateful. They were even surprised sometimes: \"Oh? You do that? You like it? \u2013 Of course \u2013 Oh, it helps us so much!\"<\/p><\/p>\r\n<\/div> <\/div>\r\n <\/div>\r\n<\/div>"}