Marie-Mai, godmother of Leucan 

On International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, Leucan, the Association for children with cancer and their families, is proud to announce that singer-songwriter Marie-Mai is officially being named Godmother of Leucan. With this new title, Marie-Mai is renewing the commitment she made to the cause of cancer-stricken children in 2017, and solidified as part of the Association’s 40th anniversary.

Marie-Mai’s commitment, in her own words

“While on tour, I came across several cancer-stricken children and their families, and I have seen Leucan at work in the field. The birth of my daughter gave me the urgency to do something. I wanted to make a difference, not only through my music and lyrics, but also through concrete action,” explained Marie-Mai.


Over the next three years, Marie-Mai will meet with the children and families of Leucan across the province by taking part in a series of activities organized for them.

The Leucan godmother’s activities and appearances

UglyDolls movie premiere with children members of Leucan

Children members of Leucan and their families got the chance to meet Marie-Mai at the UglyDolls movie premiere. Our godmother Marie-Mai gives her voice to one of the main characters of the movie. A beautiful moment in her company!

Leucan’s 40th anniversary

To celebrate Leucan’s 40th anniversary, Leucan invited everyone to become Defenders of children with cancer by proudly wearing the campaign colours and adopting the “UNITED TO SUPPORT” motto. Marie-Mai and her daughter, Gisèle, were among the Defenders!

Source: instagram.com/mariemaireal

Honorary patron of Dégustation Vegas Leucan

In 2017 and 2018, Marie-Mai acted as honorary patron of Leucan Laurentides-Lanaudière’s benefit Dégustation Vegas Leucan. A flavourful evening enlivened by Leucan’s very own godmother.

More on Marie-Mai

To find out more about Marie-Mai and her tour, visit mariemai.com.