Awards and honours

Prix Jocelyn-Demers

The Prix Jocelyn-Demers was established in 1999-2000 in memory of Dr. Jocelyn Demers, pediatric hematologist-oncologist and co-founder of Leucan in 1978. The award consists of a $1,000 scholarship to support a youth in his/her higher education.

2015 recipient – Alexandre Nault


This year, out of 18 nominations, the jury unanimously acknowledged the qualities of Alexandre Nault, a member from Leucan Mauricie-et-Centre-du-Québec. Alexandre received $1,000 to support him in his academic pursuits.

Click here to download the Reference Guide, which explains the eligibility criteria and includes the application form.

If you have any questions about the Prix Jocelyn-Demers, please contact your local Family Services Agent.  

Prix Coup de coeur

To acknowledge the commitment of its volunteers, Leucan has created, in 2013, a recognition program which values the contribution of each person to the Association. The provincial prize is awarded annually to highlight the noteworthy and maintained contribution of an individual throughout the years:

2017 recipient – Mrs. Carmelle Dion

Along with other parents, members of Leucan, Mrs Carmelle Dion participated in the creation of Leucan Montérégie in 1997. Teacher by profession, she contributed to the development of the Halloween Money Box Campaign in many schools of the Granby-Yamaska region. She always made herself available to explain Leucan’s mission in schools or at sport and corporate events. She also actively participated in the beginning of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge in her region. Her availability, her commitment and her love for the cause of children with cancer, make her an unparalleled volunteer, so much as a founding member of Leucan Montérégie, than as a volunteer for the fundraising events. In the name of Leucan, we would like to show our appreciation and thank her for 20 years of volunteer action, a source of inspiration for us all.

2016 recipient – Mrs. Andrée Tondreau

Physiotherapist by profession, Andrée is a volunteer at Leucan Région Quebec since 2006. Through her availability and her steady attendance, Andrée became a trusted resource the Association and the families can count on. Mainly active at the hospital playroom and during socio-recreational activities like the respite camps and the Christmas Party, Andrée devotes 200 hours annually to the Leucan families.


2015 recipient – Mr. Jocelyn Laroche

Mr. Jocelyn Laroche, a volunteer for Leucan Montérégie, is the winner of the 2015 award. Over the last ten years, Mr. Laroche has shown an exceptional dedication to the cause, whether he supports the Leucan 12-hour Ski Challenge and the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, coordinates the Halloween money boxes counting or engages the employees of Agropur. Mr. Laroche’s sensitivity and generosity is a source of inspiration to us all.


2014 recipient – Mr. Jacques Lizotte

Jacques Lizotte has devoted himself to Leucan since 1993. Throughout these 20 years, he has lent support to no fewer than ten Leucan campaigns and activities, whether fundraising or socio-affective activities.

Funny, dedicated, motivated and a motivator, Jacques is willing to take on any task! He is very well liked among the children and adults with whom he is in contact in various activities, and according to the Leucan team in Quebec, he’s the best volunteer an organization could ever hope to count on!


2013 recipient – Caroline Harvey-Blouin

A 25-year old mourning sister, Caroline Harvey-Blouin is involved with children as a nurse in the Heart-filled Hope Support Group, the Leucan-CSN summer camp, and in the medical part of the annual general assembly. Since 2009, she has done over 1000 hours of community services with high levels of dynamism and profesionnalism. Not only does Caroline insures the aid is performed properly towards the children, she also listens and gives them the proper tools that empower them and make sure they trust adults. Her goodwill, sense of duty, enjoyment of life and profesionnalism are all part of what makes her unique.

Our Volunteers in the Spotlight

Because we are committed to our volunteers and we consider them to be part of the Leucan family, we would like to emphasize some of their contributions.



Madeleine “Mado” Brossard

Volunteer at Leucan since 1988

Madeleine “Mado” Brossard, an active volunteer at Leucan for 23 years at that time, has been rewarded on April 13rd 2011 in l’Assomption.

Mado has contributed with her generous heart to the accomplishment of our mission by dedicating countless hours of her time to community work. She has managed to become a brand of excellence in our team of volunteers in which she played a major role for numerous years.

Thank you!


Serge Tremblay

Gens de coeur award

Hommage-bénévolat-Québec 2010 Award

Diamond Jubilee Medal recipient

On January 22 2013, the Diamond Jubilee Medal of Queen Elizabeth II has been given to Serge Tremblay, the originator of the Leucan Shaved Heads Challenge and the Leucan 24-Hour Ski Challenge.

This reward allows Canada to give credits and recognize the contribution and accomplishments of Canadians.

He has been rewarded for his community involvement, notably for for the cancer-stricken children. Leucan is very proud to have volunteers like Serge on its side.


Catherine Lortie

Hommage-bénévolat Québec 2010 Award

Claude-Masson reward Laureate

For nearly 20 years, Catherine Lortie has been part of the organising committee of Leucan’s Heart-filled Hope Support Group. She is also a volunteer each year at CSN-Leucan summer camp, notably as the summer camp’s chief in 2013.