Massage Therapy

''The massages are essential and help both children and parents to better handle the stress of waiting and treatments. They also serve as a sleeping aid at the hospital.'' - Nancy, mom and member of Leucan (Free translation)

Leucan’s massage therapy services are available to family members in the different living environments of the cancer-stricken child, i.e. the hospital and at home, as well as to bereaved families. Massages are administered by a team of certified massage therapists, trained in the care of cancer patients and their families.

In 2014-15, over 9,000 massages were administered.

Massage Therapy at the Hospital

As a complement to medical treatment, specialized massages are offered to cancer-stricken children at the hospital.

A massage has many benefits:

  • It creates a feeling of relaxation in children and alleviates both pain and stress.
  • It improves immune functions.
  • It allows the recipient to see touch as a pleasant experience again, despite the treatments.

Leucan’s massage therapy services are available in the four pediatric oncology centres in Quebec.

Furthermore, through their work and constant presence, massage therapists play a key role in listening to and meeting the emotional and physical needs expressed by cancer-stricken children and their families.

Massage Therapy at Home

Massage therapy is not only offered to children once they return home, but also to their parents and siblings as a way to reduce the stress brought on by the disease.

These services are available in all regions of the province.

The Role of Massage Therapy in the Grieving Process

Massage therapy services remain available to families following the death of a child to help them to take care of themselves and find a sense of calm through this difficult time.

For more informationon the massage therapy services provided by Leucan, please contact your regional team.

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