Financial Assistance

''Leucan allowed us to breathe financially and to focus all our energy on our daughter. The financial assistance we received was much appreciated, as we did not exactly ''plan in our budget'' the many trips from our remote region to Montreal so our child could be treated at the hospital there.'' - Nathalie, mom and member of Leucan (Free translation)

The financial needs of families with a cancer-stricken child are numerous. With the disease come a number of additional costs, in addition to the regular expenses of families, including:

  • Travel, food and accommodation costs incurred as part of treatments and follow-ups at the hospital
  • Childminding costs for siblings during the numerous trips to the hospital for treatments
  • Loss in revenue when a parent takes a leave of absence to care for a sick child

In 2014-15, Leucan families were awarded $714,452 in grants to help them focus their energy where it belongs: on their child's recovery.

Funds, grants and programs

To compensate for there unforeseen expenditures, Leucan provides financial assistance to member families in the form of funds and grants:

  • Initial grant: Systematically distributed to all families with a newly diagnosed child;
  • Support grant for a bone-marrow transplant: Allocated when a bone-marrow transplant is required, to cover the travel, food and accommodation costs incurred by a prolonged hospitalization;
  • Recurrence grant: Allocated when a child experiences recurrence and must begin treatment again;
  • Monthly care access allowance: Allocated during the treatment protocol to cover part of the travel and accommodation costs;
  • Financial assistance in the event of death: may be allocated depending needs assessment;
  • Financial assistance for post-treatment sequelae: Dedicated to youths suffering post-treatment sequelae. A selection committee reviews the requests twice a year, depending on availability of funds.

    Financial Assistance Application Form - Physical and psychological sequelae arising from pediatric cancer

    Reference Guide - Financial Assistance Program for Post-Treatment Sequelae 
  • Prix Jocelyn-Demers: A $1,000 grant for post-secondary studies awarded once a year to a young Leucan member selected through a contest. For the application form, click here.

For more information on the financial assistance programs offered by both the federal and provincial governments, please see Fiscalité, frais médicaux et autres (in French only); a report produced by Samson Bélair, Deloite & Touche in 2011.

For more information on the financial assistance available from Leucan, contact us at 514 731-3696 (toll-free 1 800 361-9643) or at

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