End-of-life and Bereavement Follow-up

 '' [...] Thank you for taking care of those left behind.'' - Louise, bereaved mother of Hélène

In 1995, aware of the void caused by the death of a child within a family, Leucan created the Lise-Godin bereavement follow-up services, named in the memory of a great Leucan donor.

Available throughout the grieving process, this program’s objective is multifold:

  • To provide support and comfort to bereaved parents and siblings
  • To give the family an opportunity to talk about the deceased child
  • To break down the family’s isolation by fostering solidarity between bereaved families through significant relationship-building activities
  • To put together respite and relaxation activities
  • To provide tools to overcome grief

This past year, over 270 participants have broken out of their isolation to share their stories and seek comfort and a touch of serenity by taking part in activities organized by Leucan for bereaved member families.

As soon as the child’s death is announced:

Leucan extends its bereavement follow-up services in several ways:

1) A sympathy card to the family

2) A follow-up telephone call from the Family Services Agent

3) Shipment of the bereavement kit, which includes documentation targeted to the different family members

4) Depending on the family needs and other specific criteria, a financial assistance to cover the funeral costs

Personalized follow-up throughout the bereavement process:

Leucan follows-up with the family over time and provides a diverse range of support services:

1) The Family Services Agent will make several follow-up telephone calls to assess the needs of families and give them an opportunity to express their emotions.

2) Three times a year, Leucan sends a newsletter,Grieving Info, to bereaved families to remind them that Leucan is available to them and to inform them of the upcoming activities and services available to them.

3) To assist families seeking information on bereavement, the Leucan Information Centre provides books, CDs and DVDs on the topic. These documents are also made available to families as part of the scheduled activities.

4) Massage therapy is also part of the service offer to meet the need expressed by bereaved individuals to take better care of themselves.

5) Since 2012, Leucan has made available a Psychological Assistance Fund to parents and siblings struggling to overcome the normal stages of grief and who do not have access to psychological care. This program is both a referral service and a fund to cover professional fees (psychologist, psychotherapist, etc.).

6) Leucan also organizes different activities targeted to bereaved families:

  • A provincial pampering stay for bereaved mothers
  • A provincial weekend for bereaved couples
  • Support groups for parents
  • An annual commemorative ceremony (where the immediate family is also welcomed)
  • A two-night respite stay for the whole family at Fairmont Château Montebello
  • A cinders day for teenagers (aged 12 to 17)
  • A cinders day for young adults (aged 18 to 26)
  • Meetings for youths, organized jointly with our partners Deuil Jeunesse and Maison Monbourquette


“We have just received theGrieving Infonewsletter, and I was writing to thank you. It will soon be seven years since the passing of our daughter. Though different, the sadness is still with us. We often feel isolated and a little forgotten as time passes […] so receiving the newsletter made us feel so good. To know that someone, somewhere, is thinking of us: what a comfort to us […] Thank you for taking care of those left behind.” -Louise, bereaved mother of Hélène

“It helped my wife and me to share our emotions, which we do not necessarily feel at the same time.” -Paul, bereaved father of Jean-François

“I have had the joy of meeting moms that continue to live fully despite the loss of their child. They are so hopeful about life.”- Suzanne, bereaved mother of Julie

“Spending time together as a family is the most precious gift we can give to each other.”- Manon, bereaved mother of Sandra

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this moment of rest in an enchanting setting […] It was such a comfort to share wonderful times together… and to learn how to be a new smaller family [following the death of a child]. We are very grateful. Thank you, Leucan, for being there for us!” -Mr. Boivin and Mrs. Tanguay, bereaved parents of Vincent

“Leucan is like a life-line for us to a world we never wanted to be a part of (cancer) but through Leucan it is an important connection to Jake and what we lived for 3 years. My heart always skips a beat when I see an envelope with the familiar Leucan address on it. Thank you for not forgetting about us. It means more than you know.”- Cynthia, Bob and Sarah, family of Jake

For more information on the end-of-life and bereavement follow-up services, please contact the Department Advisor at 514-731-3696 or toll-free at 1-800-361-9643, ext. 214

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